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"I LOVE all of the products from Bean Alainn, and my hubby does too!!! We both use them every day and our skin has never looked better. Organic products free of chemicals are extremely important to us and I was so tired of finding products claiming to be "natural", yet they still included toxic fragrance or other nasty ingredients in them. There have also been plenty of products I've tried that were in fact organic, but made my skin worse. But Bean Alainn is the real deal!! The MasterMix has faded scars, evened out my skin tone, and hydrated my skin to prevent wrinkles all without making my skin too oily. I'm obsessed with the mask and the mist is SO refreshing. I love this amazing company and everything they stand for!"

"The MasterMix is an amazing product! I have been using the same lotion on my face for decades because I am still prone to break outs and face them every time I try something new. I was looking for a chemical free product to put on my face and tried the Bean Alainn MasterMix. What a surprise at how well this works on my sensitive skin! I also use it on my cuticles and recently on a large scar from my c-section. It has reduced the redness and the scar is healing very nicely! Since using the MasterMix I have also purchased the African Black Soap which I also LOVE! I look forward to continuing to try their newest products!"

"Bean Alainn has transformed my skin routine - and my skin - forever. From the first application, my skin looked younger, more refined, brighter, and my wrinkles were significantly reduced. Now, after several months of regular use, my skin looks as though I use botox or have gotten a facelift - I've had more than a few friends and family members ask if I've had work done! The best part? Bean Alainn is 100% natural and organic. I can't imagine a more powerful combination than that -"