Argan Nut Oil
Our argan oil is cold-pressed and unrefined to retain its naturally occurring properties. Argan oil has been widely used in the Mediterranean area for thousands of years and is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic, and numerous medicinal properties. Argan nut oil’s high concentration of naturally occurring vitamin E (vitamin E heals and repairs damaged skin) and antioxidant content contributes to its unique moisturizing and skin nourishment abilities. The oil is also rich in oleic (C18:1) and linoleic (C18:2) essential fatty acids. These properties combined are believed to possess anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin. Use of organic virgin argan oil is commonly used for acne, flaking of the skin, and in hair applications as it is believed to lead to healthier cells. This oil also has medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns. Research has shown that organic Argan oil (in it’s pure form) is beneficial for treating wrinkles, aging, acne, dry skin, damaged hair, dry scalp, stunted hair growth, stretch marks, cracked feet, and psoriasis. Due to the healing and anti-aging properties of argan oil, it is the main ingredient in our products.
Pomegranate Seed Oil
When used with argan oil, pomegranate seed oil has increased anti-oxidizing benefits. The oil is known to be rich in natural anti-oxidants and is a quality source of the essential fatty acid punicic (18:3 n-5). As a result of its natural properties, pomegranate seed oil is said to have a special ability to revitalize damaged or maturing skin. The oil's natural anti-inflammatory properties lead formulators to use pomegranate seed oil in applications geared towards treating skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, and dry skin. The oil naturally nourishes and moisturizes the skin while contributing to skin elasticity.
Emu Oil
Emu Oil is one of the most researched oils on the planet and is said to hold the key to eternal youth. There is much research to back up the many claims of this amazing oil. It is all-natural and one of the most therapeutic and healing substances known. It is mostly known for its abundantly healing omegas 3, 6, and 9 benefits and has been used for several thousand years. This fatty acid composition is very close to the correct composition found in human skin, so it is extremely compatible with the human epidermis. Emu oil improves the texture of your skin because it penetrates the skin’s layers instead of sitting on top like most costly moisturizer do. This is important because this allows the skin to retain a natural barrier against the environment. Most importantly, it is all-natural and non-toxic. Emu oil makes your skin softer and more glowing by plumping up the skin, which diminishes wrinkles and age spots. It has been used for wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, arthritis, eczema, acne, hair loss, headaches, bruising, burns, pain relief, scar repair, skin rashes, sunburn and more. The triglyceride lipid composition and makeup of essential fatty acids is believed to hydrate the skin while allowing the skin to breathe without clogging pores. Emu oil is also a widely known carrier oil that pulls other oils into the skin with it, allowing better penetration of all the essential oils in our products.

Grape Seed Oil
Organic grape seed oil is often used to target damaged and stressed skin tissue. The oil’s penetrating and natural moisturizing abilities are part of the reason the oil is added to our products. Grape seed oil is high in vitamin E and spreads well on the skin. It contains powerful phytochemicals (chemicals that are good for you) that help fight against skin cancer and also slows the aging process by protecting the skin against free radicals in the environment, much like a plant does.
Jojoba Oil
Organic jojoba oil is a unique oil known for its long chain of wax esters. Used widely in personal care and cosmetic industries, organic jojoba oil is one of the more stable oils and is known for its excellent moisturizing ability. The properties of organic jojoba oil closely resemble human sebum, an oily skin moisturizer naturally produced by sebaceous glands in the body.
Orange Oil
This essential oil is used to calm the mind and alleviate stress. It is used by many as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and as an anti-coagulant that improves circulation. Orange oil is known to bring happiness and warmth to the mind and helps people to relax and to eliminate toxins from the body. The main properties of orange oil stem from the action it has on supporting collagen formation, which is required for healthy, younger-looking skin.
Apricot Seed Oil
Apricot seed oil is widely used in moisturizers and serums due to its light texture, pleasant fragrance, and ability to balance very oily and very dry skin. Known also for its cancer-fighting properties, this carrier oil is rich in GLA (gamma linoleic acid), which is responsible for both firming and toning the skin. In addition, apricot seed oil has significant amounts of vitamin A and E, both of which have been scientifically proven to slow the aging process in cells. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, apricot seed oil is used to effectively treat various skin conditions as eczema and can also be massaged into the scalp and hair to moisturize and promote growth and thickness.
Evening Primrose Oil
Organic evening primrose oil has the highest amount of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid C18:3n-6) content of any other oil found in nature. It is extremely rich in essential fatty acids (GLA and linoleic acid C18:2n-6s) and has a significant impact on the appearance of fine lines and skin impurities.
Krill Oil
Aside from being highly beneficial to the body by way of increased memory and energy, increased HDL and decreased LDL, and notable impact on arthritis and heart disease, the potent amounts of Omega-3s and antioxidant astaxanthin found in krill oil prove to have a significant effect on skin as well. Research shows that krill oil is up to 54 times stronger than regular fish oil, lending to repair to aging skin cells, stronger, more supple skin cells, smoother skin texture, and over a 50% reduction in wrinkles.